Nexus is Headquartered in the picturesque city of Visakhapatnam, shortly dubbed as Vizag. It is often referred to as City of Destiny. It boasts of being home to more than 20 Engineering colleges producing top quality graduates who are thirsty to be successful.

Following the migratory patterns, they would earlier move towards the Indian IT flagship towns like Bangalore and Hyderabad only to be overwhelmed with ever changing consulting landscape. Being a  Metro city, yet with small town values, Vizag provides the perfect counter balance of career growth and talent augmentation without having the need to be the next great west.

Come east, dear friends, because this is where all the wise men live. The crashing waves of beautiful Bay of Bengal adds much to our philosophy. Ask any denizen of this jewel city and they will tell you to head towards the beach to chill, to relax, to unwind and come back to work for more.

Its a challenge we are willing to undertake. We welcome you to partner with us and we can grow together for a future filled with hope.

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